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Secure Payments

What is the commission rate and transaction fee?

If you are a corporate seller, the commission rate to be applied per successful transactions on your online shop is 3.19% and the transaction fee is 0.25 TL. If your monthly sales volume is over 20.000 TL, you can also benefit from special rates.

Will I pay a starting fee or any other fixed charges?

There are no starting fees or any other fixed charges that you have to pay to use iyzico.

When will iyzico carry out the payout of the successful transactions on your online shop?

The sum of the successful transactions made between Wednesdays and the following Tuesdays will be paid into your account in the first Wednesday 21 days after the transaction is processed.

The first payment will be settled according to the blockage period and you can view this on the Merchant Panel settings ( After the first payout for your account, following payments will be made in fixed intervals in line with your money transfer periods.

*Payout of the successful transactions can vary according to the business model in line with the contract terms.

After I integrate iyzico to my online shop, at what intervals will the payouts be transferred to my account?

When calculating the payout periods, please take the following into consideration.

  • Transactions are calculated weekly at iyzico.
  • Transactions made from Wednesday 00:00 until Tuesday 23:59 represent the weekly payout.
  • Weekly payouts will be made to your account after 3 weeks.
  • If you have a business model that make regular weekly transactions, you can receive your payments weekly. However, these payout won’t cover your last 3 weeks. For instance,

    You can receive your first week’s payout on the 4th week,
    Your second week’s payout on the 5th week,
    Your third week’s payout on the 6th week.

What is blockage period?

Blockage period means the waiting period for the payout to your accounts after the successful completion of payments from your customers.

What’s the reason for blockage period?

The most important reason for the blockage period is the Chargeback risk which is frequent in e-commerce. Furthermore, the criteria of by the banks we work with is also one of the reasons why we have to work with blockage period. Therefore, we apply various reporting criteria at 3-week period intervals and make payments according to this period. Your blockage period can be shortened by a review of your transaction volume and the products by iyzico.

Will I know the payout amount that will be made to me?

You can track the sum of the payments and refunds and its detailed reports daily through the iyzico Control Panel right a day after the transactions are completed.

What are the application requirements?

By clicking the “Sign Up” button, you can start your application process immediately. Please pay close attention to the details below to conclude your application faster and easier.

  • Your website must be ready to use with your products and pricing information.
  • Your website must have the following pages- Privacy Policy, Distance Selling Contract, Delivery and Returns Policy, About, and Contact.
  • Your payment page must have SSL certificate.
  • You must have all relevant licenses and documents granted by the relevant authorities for the products you sell.

Which business models are excluded from evaluation?

Product or service categories listed below will not be considered for evaluation.

  • Gambling and betting websites
  • Websites with political content
  • Websites selling replicated or counterfeit products
  • Websites with violent content
  • Business models which involve collecting invoices
  • Websites selling cigarettes or tobacco products
  • Websites selling cigarettes, tobacco products or websites which facilitate selling thereof
  • Sale of power saver devices
  • Websites with sexual content
  • Services of erotic nature
  • Websites selling pornographic products
  • Business models which provide consultancy services
  • Auction websites
  • Websites selling prescription and/or non-prescription drugs
  • Telesales businesses
  • Websites operating with networking marketing model
  • Websites providing Forex services
  • Websites selling drugs or selling products that facilitate drugs use.

What are the required documents?

You will need to upload the following documents to our system during your application.

  • Signature circulars
  • Tax plate
  • Photocopies of the company shareholders’ identification cards
  • A document showing your company account details obtained from the bank where your company account is held. This is required for us to verify the IBAN you provided to the iyzico Control Panel to receive payments. Therefore, you will need to send us a document showing your account number and bank IBAN obtained either from your bank or through online banking or alternatively, you can scan and send us the first page of your account book/passbook.

Can I use iyzico if I don’t have a company?

Yes. You are not required to establish a company to start selling with iyzico. You can use our “Get Paid by Link” service and start selling via a link in 24 hours. However, for corporate and marketplace payment solutions you need to have a company.

Why do you require the document with my banking information?

We require a document showing your company account details obtained from the bank where your company account is held in order to verify the account that you registered to the iyzico platform. For verification, it would be sufficient to upload a sample document that shows any transaction from the relevant account. In such sample, account holder name and IBAN should be clearly visible.

I don’t deliver physical products; do I still need to add distance selling contract and delivery returns policy to my website?

If you don’t deliver products, it is enough that you add the returns policy for the service you provide to your website.


Where can I add the required criteria for the Website (Privacy Policy, Distance Selling Contract, etc.) to the application form?

You need to add the relevant contracts and their contents to your website.

I get an error message when I try to upload my documents. What should I do?

You may have a problem with the size or the extensions of your documents. We recommend that you retry uploading as PDF, PNG or JPEG and with less than 10 MB in size. If the problem continues you can contact us at

When will I learn about my application outcome?

When you fill out all the sections of the application, iyzico team will start checking your application and contact you through your registered e-mail to update you the application status within 24 hours. You don’t need to do anything until our team contacts you.

Note: Our working hours are between 09:00-18:00 on weekdays and 10:00-17:00 on Saturdays. Applications made on Sundays will be evaluated between 09:00-12:00 on Monday mornings.

What is a suspicious transaction?

“iyzico Fraud System” scores future payments by taking past payments into account. Taking this score into account, iyzico classifies transactions made through your site and automatically accepts, rejects or categorizes the payment as suspicious.

How can I identify a suspicious transaction?

You can look for the following to identify a transaction as suspicious;


  • Check “Suspicious Transactions” section of the iyzico Control Panel,
  • An e-mail to be sent by the system to your registered e-mail address,
  • Return of the payment request within the “fraud_status” parameter,
  • Through IFN (iyzico Fraud Notification Service)

If a payment made through your website has suspicious transaction status, you should never deliver this product/service without receiving an automatic or manual clearance/information e-mail from us.

*If you suspect a transaction made through your website for any reason, feel free to reach out to us anytime.
*To get information on IFN, you can contact iyzico Integration Team.

How can I learn the outcome of a transaction with suspicious transaction status?

A transaction under suspicious transaction status can be automatically accepted or rejected after being checked by iyzico. iyzico will inform you as below when it deals with a transaction under suspicious transaction status:

  • An e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail account by the system stating whether the transaction is accepted or rejected,
  • Information will be given through a callback URL which you will define in the system through IFN (iyzico Fraud Notification Service). To get information on IFN, you can contact iyzico Integration Team.

Who can benefit from Fraud Service Solution?

It is possible to prevent fraud and scamming in e-commerce is possible by iyzico’s AI based fraud solution developed by iyzico engineers. All e-commerce merchants working with iyzico can benefit from this solution free of charge.


What is Chargeback?

Card owners have the right to challenge transactions made by their cards without their consent. Such complaint is first filed by the card owner to the issuer bank and the bank demands detailed information with regards to claimed transaction from the merchant. In case the card owner was deemed to be right, issuing bank terminates the process by claiming the amount subject to disputed transaction from the business and refunding it to the card owner’s account. This transaction is called chargeback. It is also known as “refunds” among users.

Banks need to abide by the rules set by the card organizations in such transactions. This procedure is not valid only for certain banks or solely for Turkish banks. The challenge procedure is the same in everywhere where card organizations’ rules are valid. This means that chargeback form doesn’t change in domestic transactions or card transactions made abroad. As iyzico, we investigate these processes diligently and contact the merchant and/or the customer and solve such issues in a couple of weeks.

What are the factors that increase Chargeback risks?

The following factors should be taken into account to minimize the fraud rates through fraud control:

  • Repeated trials for transactions with same or different cards despite the trials were unsuccessful.
  • Use of meaningless and free e-mail addresses.
  • Multiple trials for payments of low amounts with the same card within a short period of time.
  • Stolen or lost card warning issued by the bank with regards to the card used in payment.
  • Trials for payments with different cards through the same IP address within a short period of time.
  • Attempts for payment by a card previously banned on the platform.
  • Use of the same card from a different IP address within 30 days.
  • More than three transactions made within the same day through the same IP address.
  • Attempts for payments through using the same card by changing its valid to dates.
  • Attempts for transactions from different IP addresses through the use of a single card.